What this Site is About

This site is a repository of Code, Tricks, Tips, Setup Tutorials and anything else we have stored in our Dropbox and decided to share online with other web developers and marketers alike.

Rather than creating PDFs and sending it over skype, we’ll just dump them into this site and share as needed.

Experience & History

We’ve been developing Websites since the Dreamweaver days – I do recall taking classes in 7th grade on HTML and using Frontpage and Dreamweaver to get HTML sites made and such.

Things have quickly changed since then and we’re all about PHP, Javascript, CSS/LESS, HTML5 and the dreaded Schema.

Having a history in Information Technology and Networking, coming into Web Development has been quite a change of pace.

Web Development standards and practices that extremely quickly and the Web moves at lightning speeds.

Standards and Code that were OK 2 yrs ago are now out-dated. This is one of the joys of the Web – Its learning new technologies and implementing them into your Systems, Sites and Back-ends to see where they take you and how far you can scale them.


One of the earliest influencers that shaped and formed my way of optimizing and developing web-apps (mostly WP) was from the site feedthebot.com, which was later rebranded to Varvy.com

Varvy.com doesn’t seem to be around anymore, but they had great information on speed techniques that we’ve adapted and really ingrained into our web development process.

Notable mentions of businesses and sites that influenced us include Amazon.com, which have crazy conversion rates, and youtube.com – which as of recently, have worked on their speed and video delivery by leaps and bounds.